Review: ‘Missing in Egypt’ by Rita Lee Chapman

Genre: Contemporary Romance.
Length: 237 pages.

I have awarded this book 1 star.

Summary: Missing in Egypt tells the story of Anna, a personal assistant to an Australian MP. When she is approached by Kareem, a man desperatly trying to find his brother, Anna is more than willing to help. Ramy, the missing brother, has been visiting family in Egypt when he decides to explore on his own. It is a month since Kareem or his family has heard from Ramy. Missing in Egypt is written from two points of view, Anna’s and Ramy’s.

Review: I thought that the plot idea was good and well thought out, but I don’t think it was delivered as well as it could have been. While I found the pieces of information regarding Egypt and Australia and their cultures quite interesting, and I liked seeing the story from both Anna’s and Ramy’s point of views, I felt that there was a serious lack of description, particularly in the opening page. As a result, the story failed to grab my attention, and I struggled to read it.

I also felt that the dialogue seemed a bit wooden and unbelievable at times, and often repeated information from the main body of text. Because of the lack of description, and the unbelievable dialogue, I found it really hard to engage with the story, and could not award this book any higher than 1 star.

★ – An interesting plot, but lacking description to make it engaging.  Dialogue is wooden and repetitive, letting down a well thought out plot.

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