Review: ‘It’s a Dog’s Life’ by M.A. Comley

Genre: Crime / Thriller
Length: 62 pages

I have awarded this novella 5 Stars. 

Summary: This book touched me in ways I can’t describe with words and had me close to tears. To think what these greyhounds go through when their career is over is just dreadful. It is impossible not to be moved by this story. For this story, we are back with our beloved Lorne and Pete. When Lorne is advised to look into a story regarding ex-racing greyhounds, she isn’t sure what the story is. When she’s delved deeper, she is shocked.

Review: Mel Comley should be praised for raising the profile of such a hard topic. It takes a truly remarkable person to have the courage to write about something so close to the hearts of many. I think she has done a fantastic job with this book and I encourage everyone to read it.

Also, all profits from this book are donated to PUPS (Protection of Unwanted Puppies Society).

★★★★★ – Incredibly moving, based on actual events. All profits go to charity.

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Review: ‘Day by Day’ by Shaun Jeffrey

Genre: Dysfunctional relationships / Crime
Length: 58 pages.

I have awarded this novella 5 stars.

Summary: This novella tells the story of a young girl called Tina, desperate to be allowed to do the things that her older sister can, like drink alcohol. With this need to grow up too quickly, and as a result of her parents divorce, Tina turns to the only person showing her any kind of attention; her mothers new boyfriend, Trevor, who sees this need to be treated like an adult and plays on it, plying her with drugs and alcohol. Tina is too young to see that she is being groomed.

Review: While this is different to Shaun Jeffrey’s other work, it is just as well written! The reader is given the hard facts, with nothing being glossed over. The story was hard hitting, and the shortness of the book emphasised just how quickly Tina’s life span out of control. Every teenager wants to be treated like an adult, so it was a real eye opener as to what can happen in this world.

I commend Shaun Jeffrey for having the guts to write about such a difficult subject, that is unfortunately too common in a modern world.

Also, a percentage of the profits from this story are donated to a children’s charity dealing in sexual exploitation.

★★★★★ – a hard hitting story with a difficult subject matter.

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Review: ‘Goodnight Dear’ by Darren Humphries.

Genre: Bereavement / self-help
Length: 208 pages

I have awarded this book 5 stars. 

(If I was able to give a book 10 stars, just once in my life, they would be awarded to this book, without question.)

Having read this book, I then had to take a few days to process what I had read before reviewing. This story is completely heartbreaking, and all completely true.

Summary: Told in the form of diary entries written by her husband, this book tells the utterly devastating story of the death of Maïté Humphries-Farge; a wife, and mother of two. At 39 years old, Maïté’s death was sudden and completely unexpected, throwing her husband into a world of not only grieving, but having to care for and raise two young children (a boy aged 8 and a girl aged 16 months).

Review: This book made me sob my eyes out. How anyone can cope losing someone they loved so dearly, at such a young age, as well as having to raise two young children single-handedly is beyond me. I know that I would not cope in Darren Humphries situation. I applaud Darren for taking the time to not only write such a beautiful tribute to his dear wife, but also to warn others not to take anything for granted.

This is not a story of sadness and pain, but rather a beautiful tribute to his wife. Yes, it will make you cry, but it will also make you think, and make you wish you knew Maïté. She sounds like a truly beautiful person.

Please, please buy this book. Not only to witness this adoring tribute, but also because all author royalties are donated to bereavement counselling charities.

★★★★★ – a sad, yet beautiful, thought-provoking read. All author royalties go to charity.

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