Rating system: explained

Here my aim is to make my rating system a little clearer.

I decided to use a star system as I feel that it is something that everyone can recognise. I appreciate that everyone has a different opinion regarding the star system categories. Rather than just give a star review, I will try to explain why I did not like the book, both in my review, and as a sentence following the star rating.

I hope that this makes the star system that I use clearer:

5 stars (displayed as: ★★★★★)
I really enjoyed this book and could find very little wrong with it. This book stays with me forever and I think about it a lot, or even dream about it. Very highly recommended.
4 stars (displayed as: ★★★★)
I did enjoy this book, but I noticed a few mistakes or elements that I feel did not work. However, these weren’t serious enough to stop me from enjoying the story. I still think about this book from time to time. Still highly recommended.
3 stars (displayed as: ★★★)
A few mistakes and/or there were elements of this book that I wasn’t too keen on. Still recommended, as I did enjoy the story.
2 stars (displayed as: ★★)
I didn’t really enjoy this book. There were mistakes and elements of the book that I do not think worked.
1 star (displayed as: ★)
I did not like this book. There were elements that made it really difficult for me to finish reading this.


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