What I’ve read so far

Here is a list of the reviews that I have done, with their star ratings. Clicking the title of the book will take you to the books review.


Fuel to the Fire Triology – David Staniforth

Fuel to the Fire (Fuel to the Fire series, #1) – David Staniforth [★★★★★]
Ruler’s Desire (Fuel to the Fire series, #2) – David Staniforth [★★★★★]
Elemental Cascade (Fuel to the Fire Series, #3) – David Staniforth [★★★★★]

Justice Series – M.A. Comley

Blind Justice (Justice series, Short Story)  [★★★★★]
It’s a Dog’s Life (Justice series, Short story)  [★★★★★]
Cruel Justice (Justice series, #1)  [★★★★★]
Impeding Justice (Justice series, #2)  [★★★★★]
Final Justice (Justice series, #3)  [★★★★]
Foul Justice (Justice series, #4)  [★★★★★]
Guaranteed Justice (Justice series, #5)  [★★★★★]
Ultimate Justice (Justice series, #6)  [★★★★★]
Virtual Justice (Justice series, #7)  [★★★★★]
Hostile Justice (Justice series, #8)  [★★★★★]
Tortured Justice (Justice series, #9) [★★★★★]
Rough Justice (Justice series, #10)  [★★★★★]
Dubious Justice (Justice series, #11) [★★★★★]

Intention series – M.A Comley

Sole Intention (Intention series, #1) [★★★★]
Grave Intention (Intention Series, #2) [★★★★★]

Auto series – David Wailing

Relationship Status (Auto series, #1) [★★★★]
Timeline (Auto series, #2) [★★★★]
Friend Request {Auto series, #3) [★★★]

Elemental Enchanters series – Carrigan Richards

Under a Blood Moon (Elemental Enchanters series, #1) [★★★★]
Under the Burning Stars (Elemental Enchanters, #2) [★★★★★]
Under the Winter Sun (Elemental Enchanters, #3) [★★★★]
When Darkness Fell (Elemental Enchanters, short story) [★★★★]

Prosper Snow series – Shaun Jeffrey

The Kult (Prosper Snow series, #1) – Shaun Jeffrey
Killers (Prosper Snow series, #2) – Shaun Jeffrey

Maureen Series – Jonathan Hill

Maureen Gets Crafty (Maureen series, Short story) [★★★★]

Flick Carter series – Tim Arnot

Socko’s First Day (Flick Carter spin off) – Tim Arnot [★★★★★]
Hunted (Flick Carter series, #2) – Tim Arnot [★★★★★]

Jenna James Legal Thriller series – Linda S. Prather

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (Jenna James Legal Thrillers, #1) [★★★★★]

Stand-alone Books

One Star [★]

Missing in Egypt – Rita Lee Chapman

Two Stars [★★]

Rogue Flamingo – L.A Kent
Inhumans – Victor Darksaber
Down the Other Street (Vol. 1) – Jennifer Cie
The Return – Carter Vance
Spearwood Academy (Vol. 1) – A.S Oren

Three Stars [★★★]

Crossfire – Andrea Domanski
Awesome Allshorts Anthology – Awesome Indies
Hybrid – Vanessa Wester
Gravity – Melissa West

Four Stars [★★★★]

The Great Rock’N’Roll Doomsday Tour – Darren Humphries
Saying Goodbye to Warsaw – Michael Cargill
The Cartographer’s Apprentice – Jim Webster
Kaleidoscope – Chariss K. Walker
Slur – Diane Mannion
Pie Girls – Lauren Clark
A Cry from the Deep – Diana Stevan
Fake Kate – David Wailing
Forever Watching You – M.A. Comley
Juggling Balls – David Hadley
Bet you can’t…find me – Linda S. Prather
What Lies Within – James Morris
Passport to Happiness – Debbie White
Fakers – Meg Collett

Five Stars [★★★★★]

Goodnight Dear – Darren Humphries
The Heist – Shaun Jeffrey
Shelter from Thunder – Michael Cargill
Day by Day – Shaun Jeffrey
Imperfect Strangers – David Staniforth
The Experiment of Dreams – Brandon Zenner
Alloria – David Staniforth
Snort and Wobbles – Will Macmillan Jones
Underneath – Michael Cargill
Evil in Disguise – M.A. Comley
The Man from U.N.D.E.A.D: Frights and Fireworks (Agent Ward series) – Darren Humphries
The Lift – Andrew Barrett (Eddie Collins Short Story)
Bittersweet – Matthrew Drzymala

2 thoughts on “What I’ve read so far

  1. You are such an avid reader.. I enjoyed reading about you and the reviews and interviews you have taken on your blog… You excel in everything I guess 🙂 all the best


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