‘We Go Again’ by Michael Cargill. Free for reviewers and subscribers!

Here’s a chance to get Michael Cargill’s new release for free, so definitely thought it was worth a mention!

As you will have seen from my previous reviews, I am a big fan of Cargill. He always manages to bring the history to life on the page and make me cry! Definitely worth checking out 🙂

Michael Cargill

It’s been a fair old while since I last posted on this blog, but here lies solid proof that I’ve been beavering away like a busy bee in the middle of the desert… for my latest book has finally barged its way into the world!

Set in WWII, We Go Again is a story that not only touches on the relationship between soldiers, but also offers an insight into the effects that war can have on a person’s state of mind.  Of course, no war story would be complete without any action and this one is packed to the rafters with guns, tanks, planes, some French civilians… and a little birdy tells me that there’s even a smidgen of romance to be found somewhere within its pages as well.

As ever I owe thanks to the modmins over on Goodreads and also to everyone who was kind enough to help me with the editing side…

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2 thoughts on “‘We Go Again’ by Michael Cargill. Free for reviewers and subscribers!

    • You are most welcome 🙂

      It’s a strange compliment, but it’s a good compliment! Being a history student, historical fiction usually gets on my nerves as it isn’t accurate. Yours is, so I can get lost in the book and the characters! 🙂


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